About Our Programs
Charleston Recovery Center is designed to help anyone who is interested in recovering from alcoholism and/or addiction. The program is very simple, utilizing the tools laid down before us from those who have already recovered from this hopeless state of mind and body. We follow their suggestions as precisely as possible, and we believe anyone who is honest, open minded and willing will recover. If you are or know someone who is still suffering from this deadly disease, we offer real hope. We assure you that this program will work for a lifetime provided that you commit, submit and follow some clear cut directions. If you go after the solution offered here with one half the zeal you used in your addiction you will not fail.

Our Most Successful Treatment Plan
  • 90-Day Minimum Commitment, consisting of:
  • 1 week newcomer period
  • 11 week inpatient resident period (Steps 1-12)
    • 1-2 Weeks: Steps 1-3
    • 4-5 Weeks: Step 4
    • 4-5 Weeks: Steps 9-12*
  • Exemplary progress in the program is rewarded through a “senior” status privilege
  • Formal commencement at the discretion of Staff Members
  • Sober Living
  • A special 30 day program is available if warranted

Additional time for continued inpatient recovery and working with others may be suggested in some cases—Each person recovers at a different pace. We want our residents to come out of our program the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.  Sometimes residents feel that they need more time to learn how to apply the principles we teach. Additional time in recovery is never a bad thing! We are proud to enjoy one of the highest success rates anywhere.
We pride ourselves in our sober living program, offered only to residents who complete a minimum of 120 days of inpatient recovery with us.  Our sober living program is designed to facilitate a gentle reintroduction into the “outside world” while providing a safe, positive living environment and a thriving, supportive community.  Sober Living residents are encouraged to seek employment and attend external AA meetings to build their confidence in living their new lives of sobriety.  CRC holds our sober living residents accountable by requiring them to remain consistent with check-ins with staff, attending and chair meetings at our main property, and submitting work hours.