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They Deserve to Live!

Every day, our donors help save someone's dad, mom, spouse, brother, sister, child or grandparent who turns to Charleston Recovery Center for help.  Each tax-deductible contribution helps us fulfill our mission to provide addiction treatment to those who need it, regardless of their current financial status.

We are a nonprofit 501c3 corporation. We are gratefully supported by your generosity. We need your help. Donations of funds, goods or services are so appreciated, and we will be happy to send an appreciation letter for your help in our life saving mission. All gifts are fully tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Charleston Recovery Center. We also accept paypal, checks and all major credit cards. Please call 843-793-4200 for more information.

We encourage you to visit and witness these miracles. We strongly believe in resident-to-resident recovery. To watch our senior residents help our newcomers, to see families reunited, relationships healed, careers restored, legal issues untangled are everyday happenings. We intensely teach our residents to help others spring from the depths of despair to usefulness freedom and strength.

Again these recovery communities are designed to help anyone who is interested in recovering from alcoholism and/or addiction. We are proud to maintain one of the highest success rates in the nation.  Charleston Recovery Center Inc. is also so blessed to offer one of the most beautiful recovery facilities anywhere.

The program is very simple, utilizing the tools laid down before us from those who have already recovered from this hopeless state of mind and body. We follow their suggestions as precisely as possible, and we believe anyone who is honest, open minded and willing will recover. If you are or know someone who is still suffering from this deadly disease, we offer real hope. We assure you that this program will work for a lifetime provided that you commit, submit and follow some clear-cut directions.

Thank you!