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    Charleston Recovery Center is dedicated to complete recovery for those who suffer with alcoholism and drug addiction.

 If you are looking for an alcohol or drug rehab or treatment center you have come to the right place.


Charleston Recovery Center Inc. is nonprofit 501c3 Corporation that operates two residential alcoholism and drug addiction recovery communities, sober living and a food bank.  CRC provides in-patient, intensive services for men and women, and specializes in 90-360 days residential inpatient treatment and lifetime recovery programs. A special 30 day program is available if warranted. We are proud to enjoy one of the highest success rates anywhere. 


                                             If you need immediate help, call 843 718 2780.

Or call Jett (Jennifer Pett) (Director / Intake) 843 922 1677. 

She can answer all your questions and guide you in.

Charleston Recovery Center  
843 718 2780

Charleston Recovery Center   

Corporate Office 

2578 Ashley River Rd. Unit G

Charleston S.C. 29414

843 793 4200


         We offer several programs to fill your needs. The Ashley Hope Recovery Community offers drug and alcohol addiction recovery and is located just outside Charleston, SC.  12-Step Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are held as well as intense 12-Step work and AM & PM devotions.  Residents are taught how to work through the 12-steps and how to teach others recover.  Nearby are several sober living homes for our commenced residents. 

Charleston Recovery Center also owns a home in Port St Lucie, Florida.  Our FL home is an upscale home offered to residents go for 1-2 weeks of recovery during the course of their 90-day stay at Charleston Recovery Center.  Residents experience the same schedule as the facility in Charleston, SC in a smaller, more intimate setting.  Residents and alumni also are able to experience what a sober life experience looks like by spending time taking part in local AA and community events.  

Many of our residents stay on for months in the Charleston Recovery Center community to help newcomers while working or attending college. Some join us as staff.  Again, if you are looking for an alcohol drug treatment center or an alcohol drug rehabilitation center, we offer more than that. While you recover enjoy the golf, frequent plays and concerts and many other fun and interesting activities we plan for our residents at no additional cost. Frequent visits from loved ones are permitted to encourage recovery. Historic Charleston S.C. is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. Friends and family are welcome to visit our facilities and enjoy the areas many attractions.
Alcohol  drug addiction Charleston S.C.


It has been said that we are a congregation that normally would not mix. This malady strikes with the same viciousness, regardless of social status, age, gender or race.  Some of us have lost more than others, but we are all the same. We endured a common peril and share a common solution. Again, we are proud to offer real recovery to you, and to thousands of others through you.

Welcome, keep your eye on the prize and join us in a new life of

happiness, joy and freedom.  More than you can imagine!

It works - It really does!

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Charleston Recovery Center  

843 718 2780

Corporate Office 843 793 4200


Jennifer "Jett" Pett, Director / Intake 843 922 1677


Thomas Baldwin  Director 843 270 1349

Domenika Denissenko Secretary 803 849 9074

 Grant Casey Florida House Manager 772 501 0161

Mary Susan Heath Family Service Director 919 222 8817





Charleston Recovery Center  

843 793 4200


Charleston South Carolina