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I didn’t realize how unmanagable my life was until I became a resident of Ashley Hope. The 12 steps redesigned my life and gave me hope for the future. I had a god sized hole that could only be filled with the serenity of a higher power and the fellowship around me. I highly recommend this program for people not only struggling with a sobriety problem, but a life problem. Christina

I highly recommend Ashley Hope, I have learned tools here to create a new life for myself that I never thought possible. Though at times it was a lot of work, as it usually happens anything worth having doest come easy. I cannot begin to explain the miracles that the 12 steps have shown me. I have learned that a belief may be comforting, but only through your own expience, however, does it become liberating. It works it really does TRY IT. ~Christopher

Not only did Ashley Hope save my life, it taught me how to live.  I was addicted to everything imaginable when I checked-in. Now, I’m sober, happy, and am no longer being suffocated by powerlessness.  At Ashley Hope, I discovered my deepest, strongest self.  Love you Ronnie Byers.  


Ashley Hope is truly a great place to find fellowship and recovery.  This place has taught me how to live sober and to enjoy life.  Ronnie Buyers is full of recovery knowledge and shares his time and knowledge with everyone.  This place has become a second home to my family and I and will always be a wonderful part of my life.  Thanks for saving my life !

July 4, 2016 -This  testimony is from a wonderful mother of a current resident. Please share her wisdom and love.

The disease of alcoholism/drug addiction is among the most destructive, debilitating and deadly diseases ever known, No culture, creed, or ethnicity is immune to its deceptive brutality.  Other chronic/terminal illnesses (except brain diseases) attack a patient only physically and any resulting emotional side effects are triggered purely by fear or anger with coping with a terminal illness. These other diseases do not sabotage the victim's attempt to treat the ailment, i.e. when a patient has heart disease the heart doesn't deny undergoing surgery; with diabetes, the pancreas doesn't reject an insulin pump; etc.  However, in active addiction the disease deceives the patient into believing either there is no need for remedy, or that the individual is capable of handling this on his/her own. Consequently, the disease progresses and the patient permeates lies and deception under its wretched influence.With alcoholism/drug addiction, the disease directly invades the entire being from the start and attacks the patient physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.In a deep, dark veil that shrouds the person entirely, it will steal anything, and everything, that defines the stricken individual.  It will deceive him/her into choosing substance abuse over all that was once meaningful/valuable to the afflicted person.Initially, it will create a "euphoric high" (a feeling better than anything previously experienced); it will temporarily relieve physical or emotional pain; it will seem to strengthen an inner weakness or briefly satisfy a void. However, before long, it will plunge you lower than you've ever fallen... steal your dreams and any healthy sense of motivation toward self-improving goals/desires...strip your dignity, self respect and moral integrity...there are no limits to what you may lose, as it will extinguish life itself.  This quite morbid reality is the outcome of an alcoholism/drug addiction path without recovery.
HOWEVER, there is endless hope and infinite promise in recovery!  And, for our daughter, that lifesaving rescue happened at Charleston Recovery Center. The most successful healing from this dreaded disease occurs within a strong recovery-seeking community.  Ronnie Byer, his staff, and all members of Ashley Hope House are the most phenomenal "Earth angels" I've ever encountered. The genuine compassion, empathy and heartfelt love each member has for one another is absolutely undeniable and among the most beautiful experiences I've ever shared with a group of people (during each of my visits).  Their accountability and commitment to helping each other is unbelievable. They have traveled the road of malicious wreckage that substance abuse leaves every time and they are determined to reverse it.  The sense of support is remarkably outstanding and, I dare say, there are few places on our planet where miracles happen as often as they do at Ashley Hope House. While completely professional, Ronnie and his staff operate more of a ministry, than a business. Their passion for healing and helping someone seeking recovery is beyond worldly expectations or reality. Rooted in intensive education and practice of the 12-Step Program, Charleston Recovery Center takes it further by fostering daily sharing and healing among all community members. This outreach of service to each other is the key to maintaining long-term sobriety.We are forever grateful to Ronnie and this community for supporting our daughter every step of the way, while coaching her in the tools and discipline necessary to stand on her own while continually helping others in need. The premise of how they operate so successfully is, literally embodied, in the expression: "mutually beneficial". For it is known, that by serving others, we serve ourselves. Beyond doubt, this is the healthiest, most rewarding way for our daughter to continue living.  Words cannot express our profound appreciation and we will highly recommend Charleston Recovery Center. 

March 9, 2014
To who it my concern,

One hundred and twenty days ago I received a call from my mother with the most disturbing news an Aunt could ever receive. My mother, extremely upset, tells me my niece is doing heroin, tried to kill herself and was in the ER. This news sent shockwaves through our respected family. My parent could not handle her, my sister was at her wits end, her father has his own issues and her brother has his young family to deal with. That left me in charge. I went on line and looked at many rehab facilities in the area. I was completely distraught over the hospital type settings and did not feel that this would be the best solution for my niece. I then came across the Web site for Ashely Hope. I visited the house, went to a meeting and met Ronnie. I have no children and little responsibility to take care of anyone but myself so the decision my family placed on me to take care of my niece was extremely hard. I remember walking into the house and seeing all the friendly faces. I was a little skeptical at first not seeing nurses or doctors.

I attended my first meeting at Ashley Hope the night before I brought my niece down from Myrtle Beach. I heard the stories of the people living there, each one sounded a little like the next. People being companionate to each other yet holding each other responsible for their own actions and not letting themselves blame others for things they had done to themselves. I knew this was the right place for my niece, who in the past, had always seemed to blame everyone but herself for the issues she had created.

I drove my niece to Ashley Hope laughing inside because she kept asking me questions and I kept telling her that this is not like a “normal” rehab. We went to our first meeting; she was rude and inattentive as usual. I left her in the driveway crying. I remember thinking she looks like she’s 10 years old. It broke my heart.

In the months that pasted I visited her and the others at Ashley Hope. I saw changes in her that were simply short of amazing. Her attitude changed, she smiled, she stopped shaking, she listened to advice, she was giving good advice, she started being the women we had remembered many years ago. She was beautiful, calm, funny, respectful and most of all clean. Not only did Ashley Hope help my niece help herself get clean but they also brought our family together. For years we did not talk to one another. Now we, as my niece, are whole again.

I don’t think her recovery would have been successful if Ronnie where not there to guide her. He is a generous, kind, uplifting, trustworthy, intelligent man that cares deeply for the residents at Ashely Hope. I have watched him interact with the residents and find it amazing how he is with them. He teaches them that life without drugs and alcohol is a hundred times better than living in despair, that there is hope and a future for them. That is something that most of them do not see when they arrive at Ashley Hope. I have full faith and trust in Ronnie and honestly believe my niece would not be doing as well as she is if it were not for him.

As with all rehab centers the success rate depends on the individual and the support they get from the people around them. Each individual at Ashely Hope has gone through their own hell and only they are able to help others get out of that hell therefor helping themselves. It is a cycle of giving of themselves and receiving much more in return. Those of us who have never experience the destruction of an addiction have no right to tell

other what will and will not work for them. I know for my family Ashley Hope and Ronnie were a blessing from God. I am truly amazed at the work that everyone in Ashley Hope and their extended families do to help each other. It is nothing more than a community of healing souls that have been lost due to addiction. Some will succeed, as my niece has, others will not, unfortunately that is the nature of addiction.

My family and I give our thanks and to Ronnie for creating such a wonderful place where people can come and work on being productive citizens. I give my full support to this program and will do anything to help it continue to be successful, because it works.


Jacqueline C. Shoe
Proud Aunt of a wonderful women with an amazing future because of Ashley Hope. 



If you are a mother, father, brother or sister, grandparent......or any type of family member or best friend of an addict or a loved one who is suffering from the disease of alcoholism, please read what I have to say and then pick up your phone and call Charleston Recovery Center.
My son, Jason, is 42 years old and has struggled with pain pill addiction and alcoholism for 20 years. He has been in several "rehabs" throughout the years. He has been in hospital emergency rooms for accidental overdose several times. Jason has a college degree and was raised in a happy family with loving parents and an older brother and younger sister. Aside from the "usual" little problems with growing teenagers, we were a 'normal', well-adjusted family. Jason became addicted to pain pills at college-age beginning with a prescription for his migraines. It escalated from there.
Although he was a "functioning addict" for many years, and able to hold down a job, his life was a mess as much as he attempted to hide it. He had several long-term relationships with wonderful, educated women, but once they realized that their love couldn't "change" his ways, they left him. And, again, a downward spiral would follow. Those were the times that  my son would end up in emergency rooms, or completely withdraw from all family and stay 'high' for several days.
He has been jailed for driving under the influence. He has lost his drivers' license.
In 2013, after spending nearly a year living with me and my husband ( I thought I could help him), he moved back to his city of birth to be on his own.
The following months were horrible. His addictions completely consumed him. He was completely out of control and I feared for his life. He went to a rehab place  about 200 miles from his home. After 2 months, he overdosed and ended up in a hospital on a respirator.
Jason begged for help and was ready to commit, finally, to a program.
I found Ronnie, and Charleston Recovery Center.
Ronnie came and picked up Jason immediately.  As the car drove away, I prayed for my son's life.
The first time I visited Jason at Ashley House, after he had completed his first month, I was astounded by the LOVE emanating from every resident there. I was also very happy and relieved to see a transformation taking place in my son. Ronnie's teachings, classes and meetings are all heavily based on the Big Book ( AA Book). 
The program at Charleston Recovery is about committing, submitting, and following directions. My son was ready to do that and he immersed himself in the program with honesty and hope. As the weeks went by, he emerged slowly and surely with the help of all of the in-house residents, sponsors, and Ronnie's never-ending faith. Jason's knowledge about living a life of sobriety grew step by step.
Each visit and eventually phone calls filled me with emotions that are difficult to describe. To see the transformation in my son is a beautiful thing. Gone is the lost, hopeless, helpless, dying young man. He has gained confidence in himself by living a life of sobriety day-by-day and helping other to see the Light.
My gratitude to the program is endless. I have learned so much. My son has taught me more than he will ever know.
I thank God every day for His Hand in helping my son find his way.

Dear Ronnie Byers,

Thank you for opening the door of sobriety to my son, Austin.  On March 26, 2013 Austin made the decision to choose sobriety over drugs and alcohol.  As those of us who work with or live with an addict know, the decision of sobriety must be made by them.  When Austin contacted Charleston Recovery Center you knew the importance of taking action while the decision was in the forefront of his mind.  At a moment's notice you and an escort drove to our home in Columbia, SC and picked him up.  I could see the nervousness in Austin as he got in the car to start anew.  You assured him and me that he was making the right decision, putting his mind at ease.  I knew he was making the right decision and had just been waiting for the moment to come.  I must admit I was unaware of your program.  Austin did all of the research and found Charleston Recovery Center on his own.  He could not have made a better choice.

Life puts people in our path for a reason.  I am a true believer that you were placed in Austin's life for a reason.  From the moment he entered the program he has done nothing but speak highly of you and all the staff and the program.  As he closes in on ninety days of sobriety I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort that you put into the program.  What you do daily is a labor of love for those who choose sobriety over drugs and alcohol.  Your willingness and open lines of communication to me when I have had questions about the program has been greatly appreciated.

Just this week Austin asked me to read the AA book to better understand his illness.  I never in my life would have imagined that he would be that open with me.  Many an addict would continue to be without the hope of sobriety if it were not for the Charleston Recovery Center.  Austin tells me every time I talk to him what a positive influence you are in his daily life.

I would like you to know that only after Austin entered the program did I research the Charleston Recovery Center.  I found positive testimonials that gave me the reassurance I needed that Austin was in the right place.  The work you do takes a special gift and dedication for working with those addicted to drugs and alcohol.  As a registered nurse I have taken a special interest in learning about the mind of an addict.  As you well know the mind of an addict is like none other.  Too many times the addict will try and place blame on those around them for their relapses back to using.  I wanted to take a moment of my time to say thank you to you and the staff at Charleston Recovery Center.  I am honored to know you and to know that my son chose your program as his path to recovery.

I would recommend Charleston Recovery Center to anyone seeking assistance in their road to recovery from addiction.  The program is far and above any I have seen because you know it takes time to begin the life long road to recover from addition.  You realized that thirty days is not long enough to grasp the road to sobriety and you acted on it.  Thank you.

Thank you again for dedicating your life's work to serving those that choose to fight the disease of addiction.


Sandra V.

Austin's Mom


Our son had been through 2 rehabilitation programs and 15 very long years of addiction, resulting in homelessness, desperation, estrangement from family members and much, much more when we found Charleston Recovery Center. Their staff members drove across two states to pick him up when we had no place else to turn.

Two months after he arrived at Ashley Hope, I visited with him over several days and seeing him was nothing short of witnessing a miracle. For the first time in 15 years, I felt like I was seeing my son again. I attended an evening meeting conducted by Ronnie Byers during my visit and got a glimpse of their highly successful and structured recovery program. Their care, compassion and community spirit is unlike anything I have ever seen.

Charleston Recovery Center gave my son back to me. They have saved his life and showed him another way to live. He is now 7 months sober and is becoming the person he was always meant to be. I am eternally thankful to Ronnie and his team for the miraculous blessings they have given to my son and to our family.


Addiction plagued my life for almost two decades before I set foot at Ashley Hope Recovery Community.  Lengthy stays in detoxification units of mental hospitals accompanied by repetitive thoughts of suicide had become normal aspects of my life.  I could not quit using alcohol and drugs on my own power, and the instructions I received at various addiction treatment centers did little to help either.  I was engulfed by despair. 

The program of action practiced at Ashley Hope was a strong departure from any type of recovery I had experienced in the past.  At first I was skeptical that a spiritual-based experience could restore me to sanity, however, in only a few short days I had a glimpse of a better life and decided to place all my faith and effort into the program.  The results have been nothing short of miraculous.  I have not only completely recovered from addiction, but relationships I thought were beyond repair have been restored and my outlook on life cannot be characterized as anything but ecstatic!  The recovery program at Ashley Hope has truly done for me what I could not do myself.

        James C.





We found Ronnie Byers and The Charleston Recovery Center to be the answer to our prayers. As a parent we were at our wits end on how to help our son. My son had some psychological issues from a traumatic brain injury received in an automobile accident. He became involved with the wrong group of peers and addicted to drugs and alcohol. After numerous attempts to change things around we found Ronnie and his program. Unlike other facilities that we tried Ronnie has a 12 step, no drug, faith driven program that really works. It was tough at first but the “ love” and commitment to the program pays off large. If you are tired of those sleepless nights worrying and the costly legal nightmares we highly recommend Ronnie and The Charleston Recovery Center. THERE IS HOPE AT ASHLEY HOPE!   

      Fred Schlick      Grateful Parent!  



"I have tried to get sober since July 30, 1996. I always returned to drinking. I was putting a small band aid on a large gaping wound.For the most part I just accepted I was going to die DRUNK.

Out of desperation I came to the Charleston Recovery Center. I stayed at the Ashley Hope Recovery Commuity. I really did not expect anything different. I have been to several rehab

centers and I thought this would be the same. I was wrong. At the CRC I was told the truth about my REAL problem.

That, along with the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the loving hand of God, has brought me REAL recovery.The CRC's sincere dedication to living sober has saved my life.I don't know what the future will be, but for now I want to stay here and help newcomers as long as I can.If you really need help, please join us."

                                                                   Bill Norman




news story


Click above on news story and play the video ( a news story about a resident and our program). A wonderful example of what recovery can do.

Many current and former residents are submitting written , audio and video testimonials and these will be posted soon.




Living at Ashley Hope has changed me . The new freedom I have found through this program results from helping others to recover from the same problems I faced in the past.  The countless miracles working at Ashley Hope are undeniably changing lives! I would like nothing more than to see anyone suffering from alcoholism and addiction experience for themselves this life changing program!

Adam Liebenrood

Having been a resident of Ashley Hope Recovery Home for the past ninety days, I have been thoroughly impressed with everything the program has both offered and delivered.  The recovery provided is second to none.  Others, including myself, have been through other recovery programs but none have had such an impact on addicts’ hopeless condition as this one.  “Back to the Basics” is the approach – the same as practiced by Alcoholics Anonymous groups in earlier years when they enjoyed an incredibly high success rate.  Without a doubt, there is no way I could have recovered from addiction if not for my experience at Ashley Hope.  The program has restored my peace of mind and instilled a serenity in my life that was unknown the past.  Those of us who have given ourselves completely to this program have recovered from alcoholism and addiction.



My name is Robert Todd Schlick, and I am proud to say that I am an addict who is recovering at Ashley Hope Recovery Center under the care and direction of Ronnie Byers. This program has shown me how to stop using drugs and given me a set of spiritual tools to maintain a sober way of life from this moment forward. The program has also showed me how to enjoy myself without alcohol or drugs. I believe this to be the keystone to my recovery. I have learned that in order to help myself, I must help others constantly.

Todd Schlick

After only two weeks at Ashley Hope I experienced a complete turn around. As soon as I walked in the door I knew there was something special in the house - I could just feel it. There was a miracle going on, and I was part of it. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves at Ashley Hope. Love and tolerance is our code. I would, without a doubt, recommend this place to any alcoholic or addict that wants to change his or her life.


I can honestly say that without the Ashley Hope House I don’t know where my life would be.  I am so thankful for Ronnie Byers and everyone I’ve met during my time there.  Prior to entering Ashley Hope, I went through two inpatient addiction treatments that came nowhere close to the experience I’ve had at the house.  I’m definitely experiencing the complete psychic change needed for recovery and personal growth.  For the first time in years I don’t feel that a piece of my life is missing.  I look forward to everyday because I can finally say I’m truly happy.  Ashley Hope and my family there will be a part of my life forever.





If you’re reading this, someone you know is in need of help! It may be a family member, friend or even yourself. My name is Scott. I have been a alcoholic for the last 36 years and have tried to stop many, many times by self-will, going to church, or just thinking I could control it this time but to no avail. Now there is hope where there was none, happiness where there was despair. Make no mistake, this really is life or death, and I choose to live. This is a serious recovery community! The director and staff really care about your sobriety. This is what I had been needing in my life for so many years. With the tools and knowledge they have given me. I look forward to a useful and meaningful future.


                                                                                          Scott O’Donahue

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